Panettone BakingCo x Mauri Limited edition

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♦ 1 limited edition panettone of 100 units

♦ 1 Mauri gianduja cream

♦ 1 wooden spread knife

♦ shipping in Bali (Jakarta +60.000 IDR)

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Out of stock

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This limited edition of authentic Italian Panettone follows the traditional recipe with 100% natural dough with @Valhrona dark chocolate, homemade candied pears, topped with an almond and hazelnut sugar crust. For a gourmet touch, a homemade Gianduja chocolate spread is offered on the side.

This exclusive Panettone is a limited edition with only 100 boxes. Secure yours today!

BakingCo. was created and founded by two proud Italians living in Bali.
strives to provide the freshest Italian baked goods on the Island.

MAURI Restaurant, located in Seminyak Bali, serves a beautifully presented cuisine from Puglia
that emphasizes simple, genuine flavors achieved with the freshness of local produce for a memorable
contemporary Italian taste.

wheat flour, sugar, butter, egg white, yolk, honey, salt, almond, vanilla, candied pear,
dark chocolate

To serve: slice the PANETTONE in half and cut into smaller slices lengthways.

To preserve its freshness, keep it tightly sealed in the original bag and store it at room temperature away from direct heat or sunlight.

Baking CO. PANETTONE has a shelf life of 3 weeks from date of manufacturing.

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Weight: 800g net


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