Meringue Almond

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Ingredients: egg white, sugar, toasted almond

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Meringue Almond also called in Italian “Brutti ma Buoni” (Ugly but Good) ), is a light and utterly delicious snack.

These meringue cookies are little heavenly bits of egg white and toasted almond.

Carefully balanced in sweetness and toasty nuts make this a perfect treat on its own, or crumbled on top of gelato or in a bowl of fresh fruit.

Ingredients: egg white, sugar, toasted almond

Baking Co. is a food production facility based in Sanur, that aims to produce good quality and healthy baked Italian products handcrafted with Pasta Madre (sourdough).

We believe in sourcing the best possible ingredients, locally when available. We only use natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.

To preserve its freshness, keep it tightly sealed in the original bag and store it at room temperature away from direct heat or sunlight.


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